Home and Mold Inspections When Buying a House In Sarasota Fl

Posted by on Aug 6, 2016 in Home Improvement |

mold remediation sarasotaEveryone who wants to purchase a home should have an inspection of the property done before any final papers are signed. This inspection is not considered an appraisal and no grading system exists, so a house cannot “fail” one of these inspections. They exist simply to show the buyer what is wrong with the house and give advice on what can be done about any problems that do exist.

Most contracts to buy a home in the United States will include a clause that the contract will not be considered valid until the property has been looked at by a home inspector. Some states require that home inspectors are to be licensed, but those who are professional engineers do not have to have this license, since their engineering license covers these inspections.

Inspections will usually include checking the basement, water heater, central heat and air conditioning, structural integrity, electrical system, plumbing, and the roof. Other aspects of the building will also be looked at, including areas of the home that are not considered up to code and need extensive repair, general maintenance issues, and etcetera.

Mold is something, however, that is not generally covered under a general home inspection. Having a home inspected for mold growth is typically considered to be a separate act and so a contract to purchase a home should be amended to include a mold inspection before the contract is considered valid, otherwise you may be in for mold remediation. Sarasota Fl is a great example of how these situations could get out of hand quickly if not addressed.

One clue as to whether you will really need a mold inspection or not will be whether the home inspection finds that the home has had a water damage to any area of it. Mold will typically grow where water damage has occurred, but it can also grow in homes that show no signs of this, so purchasing a mold inspection is advised whether your home inspector finds water damaged areas of your home or not.

If damage to the home or mold is found, then you need to decide whether or not to go ahead and purchase the home after having this information in your hand. Some sellers may give you a credit on the price of the home if you choose to buy it and repair the damage yourself and some may repair the damage done for you.

Others may insist that the sale is “as-is” and will not give any leniency one way or another on the issue. Judge the scale of the problem and what it will cost to have it repaired and make the decision that is right for you.